HALO SYSTEM - Terapia de equilíbrio através de bio fotões de Luz
"Seja a mudança que quer ver no mundo" Mahatma Ghandi

HALO SYSTEM - Terapia de equilíbrio através de bio fotões de Luz

HALO - Photonically Activated NegAtively Charged Electron Applicator

The HALO Healing System creates photon and amplified negative free electron energies passing through vials of multi-botanical solutions. The clinician directs these energies into the desired areas of the body to provide multitudes of highly desired benefits.

These patents-pending designs have resulted in balancing systems that far eclipse the benefits of any other Photonics balancing systems and provide benefits in time frames before only dreamed of. Doctors are calling this "the harmonizer of the future - today!"

Nothing compares to the speed & clinical effectiveness of the HALO System - nothing! Call us today for an in-office demonstration of the most amazing photon therapy system you will have ever encountered.

All HALO Photonics light devices run on lithium ion rechargeable battery power (DC) for the utmost in portability and come with the best warranty in the business.

One of our highly trained specialists will be happy to introduce you to what will immediately become the most important & effective balancing device in your clinical practice.

The HALO Healing System is the new paradigm in Photonics therapy balancing protocol. No other light therapy system remotely compares to the speed of performance and photon/negative free electron/botanical approach we have developed & patented.

The different frequencies of light, combined with negatively charged free electrons directed through different vial/lens systems produce significant variations in types and outcomes of therapies.

The HALO System out-performs ALL laser, LED, electro-stim, ultra-sound, etc. systems at a fraction of the cost with the best warranty in the business. The HALO system will enable you to perform your most effective therapeutic work in a fraction of the time.